Puerto Rico

"I guess that makes him our step-father, eh Hawaii?"

General Nelson A. Miles and 3,300 soldiers moved into Puerto Rico against minor resistance on July 25th and took the land.  On the day after, the Spanish government sued him for peace.  Negotiations went on for two weeks about this untill an armstice was signed on August 12th.  This was less that four months after the Spanish-American war began.  The United States was annexed from Puerto Rico and an island in the Marianas.  The United States stell occupies the city, bay, and harbor of Manila.  Their where 274,000 American soldiers serving in the Spanish-American was.  Their was 5,462 casualties but only 379 from battle.  The total men wounded was 1,704.

In the afermath of the war teh United States is annexed from the former Spanish-ruled colonies of Puerto Rico, the Philippenes and Guam.  President McKinley adn the pro-imperialist Americans liked the idea of the United States playing the part of an imperial power with foriegn colonies, while most of the American population did not.



“When the United States acquired territories by using treaties and paying for them it was more appropriate then when they used force by means of war” is our thesis and Puerto Rico fits into this because had a treaty with the United States to annex them out of the country instead of fighting a big war to get the United States out of Puerto Rico.


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